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Jeremy Corbyn - Punk Pretender

Jeremy Corbyn - Punk Pretender

As the Tory party experiences its latest annus horribilis, Comrade Corbyn and his merry band of Corbynistas, continue to ride a wave of POP culture popularity; tapping into social media and the youth zeitgeist along the way.

Swathes of anti-establishment Grime artists and teen icons have voiced their support for the so called ‘Punk of Politics’; and a disenfranchised youth have latched onto his promises for a better tomorrow.

Jeremy’s ‘Rebel’ image has been enhanced by romantic black, white and sepia photos of him as a heavily bearded youth, being carted off by Police, while protesting a myriad of social justice issues. This coupled with the fact he has a high record of voting against his own party, has fostered the illusion of a revolutionary warrior, bringing empowerment and liberation to the country’s disadvantaged. 

As a former Punk myself (i'll save you the embarrassing evidence), I thought back to my days of woefully dyed green hair and banner waving, and I asked myself “Would I vote for Corbyn?” Each time I ask, the answer from my idealistic former self is always a resounding “Hell no!”

One would think I would buy into the rhetoric of ‘fighting the man’ and crushing corporatism, but the main tenants of Corbyn style politics and his proposals for government, fly directly in the face of the foundations of punk rock and anarchism.

Corbyn’s Labour party, campaign on the ticket of expansion of the state and increasing state controls over the lives of us all; which is the exact opposite of what anarchy means. Anarchy literally means without rulers. Yet if Corbyn eventually manages to topple an ever precarious Theresa May, instead of ‘smashing/dismantling the state’ we will engulf ourselves with top down power and state control. 

More than ever before, in modern times, the individual would become increasingly powerless and subject to the whim of politicians. We will all become numbers rather than names, toiling for the State, while getting legislated into submission.

Individual freedom and striving for success - within Corbyn’s Red utopia - will effectively be shut down. Enterprising and innovative citizens will suffer from huge hikes in corporation tax and be punished for prosperity. Not unlike our neighbors, the French, who flee France to expand their enterprises; as companies with over 50 employees are hammered by taxation and regulation.  Which in turn causes job loss and holds the French economy back.

The reality of a Britain led by Corbyn will mean The D.I.Y spirit of punk and anarchism will be crushed. Ones work is solely for the good of the state, the middle man, whose existence is only to cream off the hard earned wages of the working man and woman.

The Notion that Labour, and in particular Corbynesque Labour, is for the worker - is simply a lie. Every single vote for Labour, is a vote for becoming super statist chattel. Bettering oneself, working hard for profitable promotions and contributing to society in a meaningful way, becomes an exercise in futility; As everyone, no matter your abilities and talents, will be forever homogenised and stripped of individualism and freedom.

So next time you have the opportunity to vote, remember that an X on the ballot for Labour shall never ‘smash the State’, it will only increase the all encompassing power the State will have over your life.

If you are for workers, for prosperity and for freedom - you should not be supporting Labour and least of all, Jeremy Corbyn.

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