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Dear 'Soy Boys'...

Dear 'Soy Boys'...

Whenever Paul Joseph Watson makes a YouTube video there is always wide controversy or masses of his one Million+ subscribers backing up his theories. And while I usually enjoy watching his videos, his latest offering on the dangers of Soy and by extension vegetarian or vegan diets irked me a little. 

Not because I particularly disagreed with his theory that eating soy products reduces testosterone to dangerous levels (in men) - more so that it may go further to put off moral classical liberals and libertarians from considering living a compassionate vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. 

I have spoken extensively about how as Libertarians or even compassionate conservatives, choosing a vegan lifestyle is probably a good idea - but on the other hand I do understand the concerns people have relating to adding soy or soy products to their diets. 

Neither Paul or I are scientists so I wont be engaging in an argument over the science of soy, I will simply present ways in which veggies and vegans can avoid becoming a 'Soy Boy' - and it's easier than you might think. 


1. Soy Sauce
You can easily substitute soy sauce when cooking some of your favourite Japanese or Chinese dishes. Some of these alternatives can even boost testosterone levels naturally rather than just protect them, as they contain coconut.
My favourite alternative is Coconut Aminos. You won't be able to taste the difference and it can be found cheaply both in store and online for around £4.50. 



2. Soy Milk

Milk is one of the easiest products to substitute and many vegans even prefer some of the alternatives, depending on their dietary requirements. Options are oat milk, hemp milk, almond milk and of course coconut milk - both directly from the coconut or a specially treated kind that actually tastes like milk and has no coconut flavour. My go to brand is KARA Coconut Milk, which is available in most U.K supermarkets for around £0.99. (It even comes in chocolate flavour)



  1. Avocado
    Avocado, fruit of the millennial douche-bag, is actually a winner when it comes to promoting testosterone and hormonal balance in the body, as it contains plenty of essential fatty acids which reduce LDL levels promoting testosterone creation. 
  2. Seeds
    Both pumpkin and chia seeds are full of the right acids and nutrients to foster healthy hormonal levels and aid the creation of testosterone. A sprinkle of chia seeds over cereal or in a delicious pudding is so easy to adopt into your diet daily - and pumpkin seeds are great on salads or in wraps or to top off veggie tacos.
  3. Coconut
    Coconut is amazing for hormone balancing in both men and women. They don't call Coconut Palms the "Tree of Life" for nothing. 
  4. Garlic
    Garlic has widely been proven to be a massive help when trying to both build muscle, lower cortisol levels and generate testosterone in abundance within the testes. It's a must for anyone worried about low testosterone levels.

I hope this list of alternatives goes some way to encourage more men onto a vegetarian or vegan diet. Click here to read more about why Libertarians, Classical Liberals and Athletes should go Vegan. 

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