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British Beauty Buys: Neal's Yard Remedies

British Beauty Buys: Neal's Yard Remedies

Christmas is always hectic, remembering the scores of people you have to buy for is hard enough without researching the ethics or the politics of a brand - But making sure you are making the right choice when consuming is so important. Nobody wants to see their money lining the pockets of the unscrupulous and it's always a huge bonus when we know we are supporting our communities while splashing the cash, particularly around Christmas time. 

So, in the run up to the Holidays I will be presenting you, dear reader, with some of the best British beauty buys from the best British beauty brands. When you are gifting your loved ones this year you can rest easy knowing that you are making ethical, community spirited purchases on products that actually work, and make you proud to be British. 

A Truly British Brand

Founded in London in 1981, Neal's Yard have been growing steadily ever since. Neal's Yard now have over 59 stores nationwide, employing countless staff and flying the flag for U.K production on the High Street. 

Not only do they trade within the U.K, but with countries all over the world; including Japan, Canada, America and Europe.

We often joke that the U.K makes nothing and that we aren't a manufacturing nation any more; but when looking in depth at the Neal's Yard business model, we can see  how wrong that is. Not only do Neal's Yard produce their products here in the U.K, all of their packaging and labelling is produced in England too. N.Y.R even Farm their own Calendula flowers to make cleansers and creams.


Products Worth The Hype

The Wild Rose Beauty Balm is the perfect product with a list of uses longer than your arm. It can be used as a cleanser, face mask, nail conditioner as well as a lip balm; to name just a few of its uses. As it contains, rose hip seed oil it is an amazing remedy for scars, and will miraculously heal cuts while reducing redness. - RRP £40.00

As most of my readers tend to be men I would be doing you all a disservice by not including something you can buy as a gift to yourselves. The Neal's Yard Cologne is another multiple use product that can be used as an aftershave as well as a fragrance; due to its nourishing ingredients. This Cologne is really fresh and zesty while having a nice amount of earthy depth for added dude points. - RRP £20.50

International Ethics

Although Neal's Yard make their products in Dorset and buy it's packing in the U.K, from U.K producers, they are still an international company. Many of the herbs and oils used in N.Y.R products are sourced from far off exotic climbs, in all four corners of the Earth.

But unlike many of their counterparts in the Beauty industry, Neal's Yard pride themselves with giving farmers a fair deal. 
"...We are proud to be the first British Health and Beauty brand to be certified both For Life and Fair for Life by IMO, which accredit our commitment to being a socially responsible business and upholding fair trade respectively.. "

This dedication to farmers in Kenya, Morocco and D.R Congo is admirable and shows that Britain and British brands are still successfully trading fairly and freely around the world, both inside and outside of Europe.

Overall Neal's Yard Remedies are a shining example of a British business success story; that combines ethical production, international markets, fantastic products and investment in U.K Production.

To show your support for Neal's Yard click here and bag yourself some gorgeous gifts for your friends and family this Christmas.

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